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In dialogue: Communication concepts
Are you seeking to build dialogue with certain groups in society? Do you want to break new ground? We will work with you to create a detailed analysis of target groups; we will develop the appropriate communications strategy, and we will guide you in its implementation. We specialize in socio-political communication ("social marketing") and have acquired substantial experience in communication for corporate social responsibility issues.

In demand: Media attention
Do you want to draw attention to your project? Raise awareness? Advocate for policy change? If your answer is yes, then the media is your potential ally. We help you to find an angle that makes your project stand out and gain increased media coverage.

In detail: Copywriting and editing
Sometimes you may not have enough time to formulate a text on your own, or to give your own text a thorough going-over. We can do the writing: To the point, and with flair. And we can introduce some new ideas. Let us surprise you!